Prayer Concerns

As we share our thoughts and prayers with our heavenly Father, we are assured he hears us and answers those prayers.

Just a note of encouragement. We have so many folks who have serious concerns right now. Many have been shared here and some are not public knowledge. It is a burden we carry because we love these friends. Let us all say a prayer and ask God to intervene. He is wise, compassionate and full of grace. We turn it all over to Him.

Don HarmonDuane CarterChloe Lantzer
Petra CarterMarsha EckertMatt Eikenberry
Doug WingerMarc GreyColt Brummett
Becky EikenberryRylan KunsDre’ Kessler
Gary OverholserSarah WingerJackie Raderstorf
Jenny McCullomAshley KlingerPolly Delaplane
Sonja VineyGary ParrettBill Tinsman
Mara HendressRustin McIlrathVada Hancock
Jerry Hendress Gary Overholser

Please Pray For:

Please Pray for the Families who have recently lost loved ones:

The Bette DeHaai FamilyThe Family of Kent LeBeau
The Family of Deb WeirickThe Family of Jeff RichardsonThe Family of Faye Guthrie
The Family of Bruce PickensThe Family of Norm BeckThe Family of Troy Trent

Ongoing Concerns

Matt Eikenberry, Krista DeHaai, Janet Spooner, Doug Winger, Karla Calvin, Johnny Franklin, Cheryl Evans, Connie Dixon, Kenneth Brewster, Tom Routt, Mike Winger, Mike Hoffman, Janalie Robeson, Betty Mills

Home Bound or Nursing Homes

Mike Hoffman, Betty Mills, Janalie Robeson

Our Military

Seth Larimore, Levi Evans, Ethan Reinke, Chase Meade, Chris Craig, Aaron Pifer, Braxton Good, Kannan Pruitt, Dustin Denmark, Bret Milton

updated: August 8, 2021