Carissa Tauber

Carissa is the newest member of our staff. We are pleased to have her on board. Carissa is married to Anthony, and they have two children.

Miriam Robeson

Miriam became our choir director in July 2010. Before that, she was assistant choir director and youth choir director. She is married to David Pickens, and they are the parents to three teenagers. Miriam is very active in our church and community.

Phyllis Reinke

Phyllis began her career as FFCC’s secretary in 1976 under Pastor Larry Kuntz and continues to “break in” new ministers. She has two children and five grandchildren. She is a former FFCC choir director, a current Elder, active in CWF, and generally has the answers to your “where to I go” questions. She is an avid golfer and a “True Blue” Indianapolis Colts fan.

Levi Evans

Levi and his wife Mindy have two children. Levi leads the integrated youth Worship and Sunday School program using the Odyssey curriculum. Levi also leads the youth on mission projects and activities.