Tristan Oren and I serve as the new Co-Interim Team as of November 1st.As Senior Pastor of the Team, I come to you with 48 years of full time ministry experience.My wife, LaVonne, and I make our home in Bargersville, Indiana.Our son, Kris, is married to Tammy and their daughter is Shelby.Our daughter, Yvette, is married to Ronn Oren and have three children (Tristan, Tiffany, Tegan) .Kris and Ronn are pastors.

My education includes the B.A. in ministry, M.A. in Religion, and Doctor of Ministry.

My years in ministry took me to churches in Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Wyoming and for the past 19 years at Providence Christian Church in Indiana.PCC left the DOC to become an independent Christian congregation in 2014. Having read the entire Bible more than 40 times, you will find me to truly believe every word of the Scriptures.

Thankful to be called,
Pastor Steve Sorensen


Pastor Steve is my grandfather and I am thankful to be allowed to serve on the Co-Interim Team. While I only have 3 months of paid full-time pastoral experience having served Providence Christian Church as an intern pastor, this opportunity is appreciated as I plan to serve Jesus as a life’s calling.

I was born Jan. 1, 2001, in Greenfield, Indiana, but was immediately transferred to St. Vincent’s Children’s Hospital with little possibility of surviving. The miracle that allowed me to be discharged two weeks later allows me to serve Jesus with my life.

Danville High School in Indiana is where I received my diploma. Presently I am a student at Ivy Tech with plans to pursue a ministry major in college and then a Masters of Strategic Ministry from Johnson University.

My parents are Ronn and Yvette Oren and my siblings are Tiffany and Tegan. My father is pastor at Danville First Christian Church in Indiana. His ministry has taken us to North Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, and Indiana. Having a father, grandfather, and uncle in ministry has allowed me a great team of mentors.

Ready to serve,
Pastor Tristan Oren