Dear Flora First Christian Church,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I praise God for each of you. You are living up to your reputation of being a great body of believers. It is good to be here. I appreciate serving the Lord
with you.

Of course, the search for a new pastor is on everyone’s mind. Please, please be in prayer for the Elders of the church who make up the Pastor Search team. They are working very hard. The church profile has been posted online and the invitation to apply for the position is now worldwide! So, the serious business of “receiving” resumes is now under way.

Please note the word “receiving.”   We, as Christians, are so used to giving, we do not always receive well. Though we are searching for a new Senior Pastor and we have a search committee I invite you to think
and pray about the word “receive.”   God has a pastor for us. We need to receive who God has for Flora First Christian Church. That means we have to listen to God. Listening is receiving!

Give Glory to God

God loves you and me, PTL!

Pastor Gary

September, 2020