A few weeks ago, we studied the Parable of the Lost Sheep (Matthew 18:10-14). We learned that the reality of shepherding was that the sheep would wander off and get lost leading the shepherd to go looking for the ones who were missing. In other words, the result was the shepherd would have to leave the flock – the proverbial 99 – to go retrieve the 1 sheep who was lost.

Jesus ended the parable by making it clear that he was comparing himself to the shepherd and the lost sheep were the children that needed to be brought to Jesus. Jesus is the Chief Shepherd and we are all his sheep…regardless of age.

We then took this analogy a step further by applying to our own lives. We as Christians are called to follow Christ’s example. We are to be the shepherd to those who do not know Christ or those who have turned away from Christ. We are literally Jesus’ hands and feet. We are the ones who Jesus is telling to go into the rough terrain and into the thickets of life to find those that are lost.

We concluded the message with a quote from one of Rev. Charles Spurgeon’s sermons where he said: “The answer is this – Let us go after one soul.”
As I said that Sunday, I love Spurgeon’s idea. Pick one person to go after. We can ALL think of one person who needs Jesus. It may be someone in our family or a friend or even an acquaintance we have encountered.

I challenged you that day to pick one person you know that has walked away from Jesus or who has never known Jesus Christ. The goal was to focus your attention on that one person – follow them, love them, go to them in the thickets of their lives – bring Jesus to them and then help bring them to Jesus.

Did you follow through on that challenge? Did you pick just one?

If so, how are things going with that one? Have you made any connections? Have you been Jesus to them? Have they shown any interest in moving closer to Jesus?
If not, then what are you waiting for? The challenge is still valid.

Figure out your 1, if you haven’t, and pursue that person just as diligently as Christ pursued you…just as diligently as the shepherd pursued the lost sheep…and when that one finds Christ and is no longer lost…find another 1 and go after that person. Our work will not be done until the time that Christ returns.

In the words of Spurgeon, “Let us go after the one soul.”

In Christ’s Love

Pastor Kim