Christmas 2019 is behind us. The decorations in the sanctuary are slowly coming down. Things will be “back to normal” within a few days. And the thought of Baby Jesus will be long gone.

It’s time to look ahead and plan for upcoming events and services. The preschool will be back in full swing soon. And the snowbirds have all gone south.

It’s as if the magic of Christmas has disappeared.

But does it have to be this way? Does the normal and everyday have to become mundane? Is there a way to keep the magic of Christmas going?

Yes, there is.

The magic of Christmas, the birth of the Messiah, the happy feelings that the decorations bring, can live on each day of the year. It will do so if we work to keep the excitement of Christ’s birth alive in our hearts.

Christ’s commandment to “go and make disciples” while carrying His Word into the world does not only pertain to His death and resurrection. His Word is not complete if we do not share the entire story.

Without Christ’s death, we would be lost to sin and death ourselves. For that, we should be shouting from the rooftops! But as we’ve said before, “without Christmas, there would be no Easter.”

The man on the cross took our sins, but the baby in the manger took on human form. In doing so, He has lived the struggles we have lived. He has seen the cruelty of human against human. He has experienced the loss of a loved one. He has been betrayed, belittled, and bullied. He has loved and been loved. And ultimately – He came, He saw, and He conquered.

All that was possible because of the baby born in a manger on the night when the shepherds celebrated and rejoiced.

The magic of Christmas shouldn’t disappear because each and every day we should be filled with the excitement of that night – the excitement of knowing we have a Savior that has talked the talk AND walked the walk!

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Kim