July is going to be a busy one y’all. We’ve got the Gospel Fest, Vacation Bible School, the Carroll County Fair, the Mission Trip, and the Genda Block Party. That’s all on top of Sunday Worship Service, Sunday School, and our regularly scheduled meetings (Elders’, Committee, Cabinet, and Board). There are literally only TEN days in the month of July that there isn’t something scheduled through the church. Whew!

As tiring as this schedule may be, can you imagine just how many people we will be reaching for the Kingdom of God?

When Christ told us to go and make disciples, he never told us that it would be easy. He never promised we wouldn’t get tired. He never promised it would be convenient. He DID promise that He would be with us.

July will be a juggle for us as a congregation. Most of us will be wearing several different hats at times. But just as Jesus promised that He will be with us, I promise you that it will be worth it.

I can promise that because I have faith that Christ will place us in the paths of those who need to hear His message. We will be in the path of those who need to remember His love and those who need to be reminded of His grace. We will certainly encounter those who need to be reminded of the hope that is found in Jesus Christ.

While we are running around, getting things done, completing the tasks at hand, let us not lose sight of the fact that we are called to be His light. May we not become so busy that we forget WHO it is that we are representing. Christ was never too tired to love. He was never too busy to spend time with others. He was never so frazzled that he couldn’t stop what He was doing to shower others with His grace.

Don’t let the hectic schedule weigh you down. Don’t let your service become a burden. Don’t be so busy that you don’t see who it is that God is placing before you. While it’s great to do all these events, it would be a shame if we missed the ones for whom we are doing them. These events are not about us. They are not about Flora First Christian Church. They are about those whom we will encounter. The events are about God’s children. These events are about growing God’s Kingdom.

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Kim