I recently heard this saying, “I know God’s got the wheel, but sometimes I think we’re off-roading.”

Can you relate?

One of two reactions come to mind when you think of off-roading. You are either a person who loves it or one who hates it.

Off-roading is full of bumps, holes, twists, and turns. If you have a queasy stomach, things may not go so well. You have to maneuver large rocks, mud holes big enough to swallow your truck, and of course lots of dust and dirt. At times, you are even in danger of flipping the vehicle. It’s dangerous.

If you a person who hates it, then spending time off-roading is definitely not on your Top 10 list of things to do. If a person who hates off-roading does decide to try it, they will likely be miserable during the whole adventure.

But if you like off-roading, you will spend every minute and dime you have on tackling the uneven terrain. It’s exhilarating. Driving over rocks as large as your vehicle. Slinging mud sky high. As you conquer each challenge of the course, the excitement grows, and you begin to feel like you can take down all your competitors.

Life with God can feel like you’re off-roading.

There are challenges in life that seem unsurmountable – large rocks to overcome, holes that seem to swallow you completely, and lots of dust and dirt. Our stomachs sometimes become queasy due to the ups and downs and unexpected turns. When the terrain is extremely difficult and it seems that we will never make it through, we want to walk away and never take part in life again. During the part of life that the course is easy, and we are flying through, our excitement grows, and we feel like we are on top of the world.

The interesting fact in all these moments – the queasy, the difficult, and the easy – is that God does have the wheel and none of these moments are a surprise to him. He knows which way to turn the wheel to maneuver the large rocks. He knows when to punch the gas to get through the mud. And he will wipe off the dust when it’s all said and done. He’s the best extreme driver out there.

We just have to trust his driving!

In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Kim