The first quarter of 2019 is behind us. Where did the time go? Weren’t we just singing Christmas carols?

One reason the time seems to have passed so quickly is because we have been extremely busy since the first of the year. Dart ball games, meetings, parking lot snow removal, and Sunday morning activities have kept us all on our toes.  We’ve been multi-tasking at our best.

In addition, we have been plagued with several church members losing loved ones. Whether the loved ones that passed were church members or not, we have all been dealing with grief in one way or another since the first of the year. It has been an emotionally tough year so far.

While we.all know that we will not live forever, we still experience shock when we learn of a loved one’s pending death and passing. It’s not that we think they are invincible. It’s not that we haven’t been told that this day would eventually come. It is that we never want to imagine our lives without our loved one by our side. We enjoy being in their presence and we share in mutual dreams and hopes. There is a bond of love.

In light of our losses as we approach Easter, I cannot help but think of the disciples and close friends of Jesus. Just as we did not expect the passing of our loved ones, Jesus’ loved ones found themselves in shock as they learned of Jesus’ pending death sentence. Although Jesus had told them on numerous occasions that this day was coming, they had not spent their time dwelling on that. His friends had not anticipated his death so soon or in this manner.

Jesus’ followers had anticipated Him taking over the literal throne of David and ruling as their physical king. They had not understood that the Messiah would be taking on a much more powerful role as king than over just one country. Christ had come to rule all countries and all people.

To top it off, Christ’s rule would not be one with an iron rod. Christ’s kingdom would be ruled with love, grace, and forgiveness. It would be a kingdom like no one had seen before. A kingdom that would call people to be better, to love more, and to worship fully. A kingdom that would last for all eternity.

The shock of his death on the cross was tremendous. And three days later, the ladies headed to the tomb to care for his limp body. Instead, they found the tomb was empty. With the appearance of Jesus to Mary Magdalene, the grief was replaced with exhilaration. After all, Jesus was not dead – He was alive – and He would live forevermore!

In a few short weeks, we will be celebrating the fact that our Lord and Savior is indeed alive and well! As we do, let us remember that we have been afforded the opportunity to say the same about those whose lives have passed before us. We are blessed to have a king who sacrificed his life for ours. We are blessed with the reassurance that we will be reunited with our King once again along with all those who have gone before us.
This Easter celebrate life! Celebrate life in the here and now as well as our life to come. Celebrate Christ! Celebrate our King who has made life worth living. Celebrate our Risen Lord!

Happy Easter Everyone!!

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Kim