Beyond the Pulpit …

Ready. Set. Go. It’s the holidays!!!

Before long, there will be drastic changes in the decor of the sanctuary. We will go from “normal” time in the church to the season of Advent. I am so excited!

Advent is a season of hope, peace, joy, and love. But I must say, I already feel like Jeremy and I have had Advent. During October, we have been surrounded by your love. We have felt a huge sense of peace about our being in Flora. And we have been filled with joy and hope for the future. Y’ all are amazing!

Thank you for all the cards, gifts, messages, and meals that you have showered us with. It has truly been overwhelming. And we hope you know that your love is reciprocated. We are blessed to call Flora home and we are blessed to call you part of our family. We give thanks to God every day for you all. .. and especially as we enter the season of Thanksgiving.

Now, as we move forward into this busy time of the year, I ask that you shower that same love on others. Be sure to share Christ’s love and his blessings with those you meet. While the holidays are exciting for us, there are others who are not as fortunate. Be the smiling face that they need. Be prepared to give to others as a representative of Christ. Be sure to tell everyone how thankful you are for them and how much God wants them as part of His family.

Stretch yourselves to look beyond what and who you normally see. Force yourselves to open your eyes and your minds to see what Christ sees. Open your heart to love those that Christ loves. (And by the way, He loves everyone.)

In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Kim