“A positive attitude can enhance you.”

The little Leaguer had been bragging to his dad about what a good hitter he was.  Finally, the father said, “alright son show me.”  The youngster got his bat and ball and they went out into the backyard.  As the father stood off to the side watching, the little boy tossed the ball into the air and swung with all his might.  “Strike one,” he said as he missed the ball completely.  “Strike two,” he said as his missed again.  A third time he tossed the ball up, “strike three,” he said as he hit nothing but air.  Glancing at his dad a little sheepish, he said, “boy am I a great pitcher.”

This boy may not have been a tremendous ball player but he knew how to have a positive attitude in spite of his imperfections.  People are limited by their minds more than by their skills.  It is what we have in our minds that determine whether we keep on trying, and that is the major requirement for winning in any field.

Try having a positive attitude this month and just see if it doesn’t make a big difference in your life.

Rev. Jim Hollis