Prayer Concerns

As we share our thoughts and prayers with our heavenly Father, we are assured he hears us and answers those prayers.

Just a note of encouragement. We have so many folks who have serious concerns right now. Many have been shared here and some are not public knowledge. It is a burden we carry because we love these friends. Let us all say a prayer and ask God to intervene. He is wise, compassionate and full of grace. We turn it all over to Him.

Please Pray For:

Prayer Chain Concerns

 Barry Wheeler  Keeton Dirkx
 Michelle Rowe  The Family of Marjorie Dillon The Family of LaDonna Overholser
 The Family of Shirley Clawson Bill & Sue Ayres  Baby Madeline
 Howard McGill JoAnn Smith Rebecca Knight
Karen & Steven Klinger and family  Roger Routt  Rhonda Paisley
The Family of Paige Barnes Jameson Simmons  Ken Mull
Samantha McFarland Gene Clawson Julianna Paul
Jeremy Spangler Becky Pifer Karen Sparks
Branden Brent Jean Parker  Betty Mills
Lou Ella Knight Lillian Knight Libby Sparks
Larry Welborn Mick Cook

Ongoing Concerns

Andrew Fritz, Alan Myers, Payt Robeson, Gale Kinzie, Lot Marion, Richard VonAhrena, Charlie Bordner, Lillian Knight, Susan Trapp, Pat Duff, Sue Webb & Family, The Families of Abigail Williams and Liberty German

Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Karla Calvin, Judy Hoffman, Kent LeBeau, Cheryl Evans, Robert Burke, Trish Foist, Beulah Blocker, Phyllis Mills, Greg Barnes, Carter Allen, Jerri Carter, Delores Howe, David Renn, David Newman, Dave Albaugh, Kay Yoder, Britney Johanson, Darlene Lichty, Pat Mummert, Angie Marsh

Home Bound or Nursing Homes

Donna Timmons, Lou Ella Knight, Ruth Spooner, Elaine Smith

Our Military

Seth Larimore, Levi Evans, Angie Denmark, Ethan Reinke, Jared Tuinstra, Joe DePietro, Chase Meade, Kanaan Pruitt, Shane Dagiel, Aaron Foist, Bruce Eisert, Gerry Dagiel II

updated: February 13, 2018